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Proceeds from Sale of "Bird Abode" Notecards Will Benefit Sherman College

JANUARY 7, 2003 - Sherman College Regent, staunch chiropractic supporter and multi-talented artist Helen McPike Brown is putting her gifts to work for Sherman College. She has created a series of eight "Bird Abode" notecards featuring an original watercolor collection she developed last year.

The college debuted sales of the Bird Abode cards at Lyceum 2002, and the sets of cards (blank on the inside) sell in the college bookstore for $15. All proceeds will benefit the college.

Brown is an accomplished artist in numerous media. Her work can be found in homes and chiropractic offices throughout the world, and the Sherman College campus is graced with many of her masterpieces.

The designs for the notecards were inspired by Brown's unusual art pieces made with driftwood. More than thirty years ago, on a camping trip across America with her husband, Regent Gordon Brown, D.C., and their two sons, Brown became fascinated with driftwood and began collecting small pieces because of the unique character, texture and shape she found in each one.

For years, Brown's collection grew into countless bags and boxes - and she occasionally created art pieces using the driftwood she had collected. She found relief from painting by creating artistic accents from wood.

Later she concentrated her creativity on creating birdhouses to fit into the small wood pieces. Thus began the series of "Bird Abodes," adorned with such items as sculptural birds, bird baths, mushrooms, twigs and the like.

Seeking an art project that could benefit Sherman College, last year Brown created eight original watercolor paintings based on some of the Abodes she had created in sculpture - and these watercolors are featured on the front of the notecards.

Though not a chiropractor herself, Brown has a rare appreciation of chiropractic philosophy and a unique commitment to sharing chiropractic with others. In 2001, she received an honorary Doctor of Chiropractic Humanities degree from the college in honor of her dedication to the chiropractic profession and to Sherman College.

The Browns donated their home in Sedona, AZ, to Sherman College to fund the construction of the Brown House and Chiropractic Museum, which opened on campus in 2000.

You may purchase these 5"x7" notecards online at www.sherman.edu/bookstore.

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