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August 12, 2003

Philosophy and Research Combine for Exploration and Investigation

Philosophers and researchers will gather at Sherman College on October 11-12 for the 3rd annual Conference for Philosophy in Chiropractic and the 11th annual Vertebral Subluxation Research Conference. This year’s philosophy conference title is “Barefoot Irreverence: Questioning the Essential Nature of Chiropractic,” and it will spotlight a workshop designed to facilitate the accomplishment of scholarly investigation and publications. Papers from the field will unabashedly investigate the basic principles of chiropractic.

The research conference will be especially devoted to refining an understanding of the clinical measures of vertebral subluxation. Recent publications have shown progress toward demonstrating the reliability of clinical measures, but there is very little information on the validity of subluxation detection, and this is a major hurdle in the further development of clinical research into the effects of chiropractic adjustment. Papers presented will offer new ideas toward validation or show the clinical utility of vertebral subluxation measures.

Presenters and titles for the 11th Annual Vertebral Subluxation Research Conference include the following:

• Michael Burcon, D.C., “Assessment of the Cervical Spine Using Modified Prill Leg Checks”
• Kirk Eriksen, D.C., “A Review of the Peer Reviewed Literature Related to Orthogonally- Based Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care”
• Robert A. Leach, D.C., F.I.C.C., “Pilot Data: Passive Cervical End Range Stiffness Contralateral to Side of Pul Star Measured Compliance in Acute Neck Pain Patients”
• Gary A. Knutson, D.C., “Validating the Association of the Supine Leg Length Alignment Check with the Upper Cervical Spine and Upper Cervical Subluxation”
• John Hart, D.C., “Stability of Paraspinal Thermal Patterns During Acclimation”
• Patricia Kuhta, B.S., D.C., “Effects of Lateral Cranial Translation on the Appearance of the Atlanto-Occipital Joint”
• Edward F. Owens, Jr., M.S., D.C., “Literature Review on the Reliability and Validity of Commonly Used Subluxation Indicators”
• Edward F. Owens, Jr., M.S., D.C., Andrew Ashton and Jeong Pil Park, “The Application of Surface Electromyography for Subluxation Detection”
• Eric Potocki, B.S., “Precision of Palpatory Location of Skeletal Landmarks in Three Dimensions”
• Edward F. Owens, Jr., M.S., D.C., and Michael Burcon, D.C., “Interactive Research Project: Part I: Protocol and Data Collection”
• Edward F. Owens, Jr., M.S., D.C., and Michael Burcon, D.C., “Interactive Research Project: Part II: Data Analysis and Results”

Presenters and titles for the 3rd Annual Conference for Philosophy in Chiropractic include the following:

• David I. Soltanoff, D.C., “Breath as the Vitalistic Interface between Intelligence and the Brain and Nervous System”
• Gerard Clum, D.C., “Examining the Philosophic Tenets of Chiropractic from the Perspective of Cultural Changes from 1895 to the Present” (also counts toward Research Conference)
• Joseph Strauss, D.C., “Should Chiropractic be a Health Profession?”
• Timothy A. Mirtz, D.C., “Discerning Chiropractic Principles Through the Use of Theology”
• Thomas A. Gelardi, D.C., “Philosophy: Now More than Ever”
• Mark Filppi, D.C., “Forces, Frequency, Fields, and Power Spectrums”
• Edward F. Owens, Jr., M.S., D.C., “Give Unto Caesar What is Caesar’s: When Philosophy Crosses the Line into Scientific Territory”
• Ashley Cleveland, D.C, “Philosophic Inquiry Workshop”
• Thomas Brodar, D.C., “The Gemini Faces of Chiropractic Philosophy: The Fractured and Lost Segment of Classic Chiropractic Philosophy
• Tedd Koren, D.C., “The Vertebral Subluxation: In Pursuit of an Enigma”
• Reed Phillips, D.C., “Research: The Pursuit of Truth?”

Download brochure and registration information, or for additional information about the 11th Annual Vertebral Subluxation Research Conference, or the 3rd Annual Vertebral Conference for Philosophy in Chiropractic, or  any of Sherman College's Continuing Education programs, please e-mail rclusserath@sherman.eduor call 800-849-8771, ext. 1229.

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