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Research and Philosophy Join Forces for International Symposium

This year, Sherman’s annual philosophy and research conferences will combine, allowing for in-depth exploration of the relationship of these two crucial aspects of the chiropractic profession.

The International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS): A Conference on Vertebral
Subluxation will be held October 9-10 at Sherman College in Spartanburg, SC. The combined conference format invites and encourages global multi-disciplinary participation. Keynote speaker will be Christopher Kent, D.C.

The conference will address the extent to which patient outcomes support or challenge a cyclic relationship with the philosophical tenets underlying vertebral subluxation correction. Since the inception of chiropractic, its practice has been strongly reliant upon a predictive philosophy. As well, chiropractic research has continued to demonstrate a variety of patient outcomes associated with vertebral subluxation correction care. However, the link between what chiropractic philosophy predicts and what scientific research has reported has not been widely explored.

This theme is based on an investigation of the relationship between philosophy and science. As these two concepts, in essence, are perceived as a continuum, the cycle of inductive and deductive reasoning should allow philosophy to establish hypotheses testable through science. The completion of the cycle should reflect the impact of science on the modification or retention of the philosophy it has explored.

Abstracts are due May 31, 2004. Twenty minutes are allocated for presentation, and a ten-minute period will be allocated for questions from the floor. A $500 award will be given for the most informative presentation.

For more information regarding the categories of relevant presentations and submission requirements, please visit the IRAPS page on the college’s web site.

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