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April 5, 2004

True Success Profiles Spotlighted on Web Site

Dick Plummer, D.C.

Randy Baze, D.C

Laura Chadwick- Weeks, D.C.

David Serio, D.C.

Adam Gentry, D.C.

Sam Wang, D.C., Brian Rutecki, D.C., Gary Roeben, D.C.

Success means different things to different people, but to most it means doing what you truly love to do and making a good living at it. Being a Sherman graduate means you have the opportunity to define your own level of success in your career.

For some, that means helping others realize their health and performance potentials, being your own boss, setting your own hours, accepting leadership roles within your community and the profession or perhaps meeting or exceeding your practice volume and financial goals.

Success comes in all shapes and forms, and it is defined in many ways. The Sherman College web site now features true success stories about a few of our alumni who have found success in chiropractic. We developed this section so that prospective students, alumni and friends of the college can see how Sherman College truly has an impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people through our successful graduates.

This is just the start of our compilation of success stories. Alumni who wish to be considered for inclusion on the True Success page should contact the Alumni Office to discuss the possibility. Before you call to tell your story or nominate another graduate, be prepared to answer these questions: How do you define success? What makes you successful? Due consideration will be given to all requests.

Some of the Sherman alumni being featured include Dick Plummer, D.C., 79, Boiling Springs, SC; Randy Baze, D.C., 83, Renton, WA; Laura Chadwick Weeks, D.C. 90, Greenville, SC; David Serio, D.C., 99, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Adam Gentry, D.C., 00, Holland; and Gary Roeben, D.C., 01, Brian Rutecki, D.C., 01 and Sam Wang, D.C., 01, Chicago, IL.




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