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March 18, 2005

Chiropractic One of Fast Company’s Top Five Jobs

A recent article in Fast Company magazine confirms what many recent Sherman graduates and current students already know – becoming a doctor of chiropractic is a great career choice. It’s number four on the list, to be exact.

Fast Company relied on the work of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Salary.com, and an innovation expert to evaluate top jobs for 2005. Jobs were evaluated based on four categories: job growth, salary potential, education level and room for innovation. Read the complete article here.

Fast Company chose careers that are in high demand. Because job growth is so important, the company used the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected job growth data through 2012 and weighted it 35 percent.

Money is also an important consideration, so Fast Company based its salary range on the difference between the 10th percentile earnings and the 90th percentile earnings for a given job, using BLS and Salary.com data. Salary range was also given a 35 percent share of the total index score.

Investment in education is also an indicator of a great job, according to Fast Company. The education score is based on what percentage of those working in the field hold a college degree, according to BLS data. This aspect was weighted 20 percent.

Finally, the company noted that a great job gives you room to run. Fast Company turned to Dr. Kevin Stolarick to determine the level of innovation and creativity of certain fields. This aspect was weighted 10 percent.

Doing the Job
Fast Company not only compiled a list of the top jobs, but it also profiled 10 leaders working in some of these exciting positions. According to the company, “[These leaders] all give the same advice about being successful at work: Stay flexible. These jobs aren’t for the rigid of mind, and you need to accept that they might take you places you don't expect to go. That's part of the fun -- and what makes these jobs the best.”

Read Fast Company’s profile of chiropractic as a career choice here.

The Jobs

1. Personal finance adviser
2. Medical scientist
3. Computer software engineer
4. Chiropractor
5. Environmental engineer
6. Biochemist and biophysicist
7. Sales Manager
8. Epidemiologist
9. Computer system analyst
10. Athlete
11. Agent and business manager
12. Marketing manager
13. Producer and director
14. Actor
15. Lawyer
16. Advertising manager
17. Management analyst
18. Postsecondary education administrator
19. Financial manager
20. Actuary
21. Airline pilot
22. Geoscientist
23. Market research analyst
24. Securities sales agent
25. Medical and health services manager

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