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June 6, 2006

Alumni, Friends Honored at Lyceum 2006

Sherman College proudly named its 2006 award recipients during Lyceum on May 25-28. Recipients are as follows. Look for more information in the summer issue of Straight from Sherman.

The Service to Sherman College Award is given to an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary, unselfish, and noteworthy service to Sherman College, inside (employee, trustee) or outside of the college community. This year’s recipients are faculty member Anthony Duke, Ph.D., and vice chair of the Board of Trustees Philip Sorota, D.C.

The Rising Star Award is presented to a Sherman graduate one to two years out who has demonstrated exceptional achievements. The 2006 recipient is Ricardo Florez, D.C.

The Distinguished Service Award is given to a Sherman graduate who has distinguished him or herself for service to their community, the profession or Sherman College. This year’s recipients are Robert Leeper, D.C., and Simon Senzon, M.A., D.C.

The Spirit of Sherman College Award is given to a Sherman graduate who exemplifies the true spirit of Sherman College. This year’s award goes to Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C.

The distinction of Career Advisor of the Year goes to a chiropractor who consistently refers students to Sherman College. The 2006 recipient is Kurt Oetjens, D.C.

The Ambassador of the Year Award is presented to a chiropractor who actively engages in activities that support student recruitment. This year’s recipient is Gwendolyn Gardner, D.C.

The Layperson of the Year Award honors a non-chiropractor who has contributed significantly to the advancement of Sherman College in a significant and noteworthy manner. This year’s recipients are Marsha and Jimmy Gibbs.

The Service to the Profession Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary, unselfish, and noteworthy service to the straight chiropractic profession. “Pacha” Jose Maria Galetto received the award for 2006.

The honor of Chiropractor of the Year is bestowed on a chiropractor who has, through his or her service, given extraordinary time and effort to advance Sherman College and the straight chiropractic profession. Sherman’s 2006 Chiropractor of the Year is Claude Lessard, D.C.

The Regent of the Year Award goes to a member of the Sherman College Board of Regents who is being recognized for his or her outstanding and continuous advancement of Sherman College through participation on the Board of Regents. This year’s recipient is Robert Shaner, D.C.

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