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July 17, 2007

Sherman College Names Chiropractor of the Year, Regent of the Year, and Other Award Recipients

Sherman College honored more than a dozen chiropractors and other professionals Memorial Day weekend during its annual Lyceum, a homecoming and educational program attended by chiropractors throughout the U.S. and internationally. The college is proud to announce the following 2007 award recipients:

Lay Person of the Year Joseph (Joe) Marcus of Bethlehem, PA
• Service to Sherman College Sarah Lou Bush of Mayo, SC
• Service to Sherman College Perry Rush, D.C., of Inman, SC
• Career Advisor of the Year John Snyder, D.C., of Coshocton, OH
• Ambassador of the Year Brian D. Pulver, D.C., of Williamsburg, MI
• Rising Star James (Jim) Callahan, D.C., of Amesbury, MA
• Rising Star John Drew, D.C., of Columbia, SC
• Distinguished Service Award Mary-Ellen Rada, D.C., of Jackson, NJ
• Spirit of Sherman College Dennis J. Keenan, D.C., of Maywood, NJ
• Service to the Profession Brian Kelly, D.C., of New Zealand
• Service to the Profession Brooke and Dawn Lenfest, D.C., of West Conshohocken, PA
• Service to the Profession Laura Weeks, D.C., of Greenville, SC

Two additional major awards were presented at the event. James (Jim) A. Hilston, D.C., of Harleysville, PA, was named Regent of the Year. This award is given to a member of the Sherman College Board of Regents in recognition for his or her outstanding and continuous advancement of Sherman College through participation on the Board of Regents. Nalyn Russo Marcus, D.C., of Bethlehem, PA, was named Chiropractor of the Year, an honor bestowed upon a chiropractor who has, through his or her service, given extraordinary time and effort to advance Sherman College and the straight chiropractic profession.

Regent of the Year Hilston has been a member of the Distinguished Board of Regents for 20 years. He graduated from Sherman in December 1985, opened his office in July 1986 and has supported Sherman College at every turn, providing insight, advice, significant financial support, student referrals, and service as an officer and president of the Alumni Association. He has been active in his profession, serving as board member, president and vice president of the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania; as a board member of the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO); and as a member of the World Chiropractic Alliance.

In his local community, Hilston is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, an elected board member of the Harleysville Senior Adult Activities Center and founder and board member of the Harleysville Merchant’s Association.

Chiropractor of the Year Marcus has been dubbed the “idea lady” by her colleagues, and has developed numerous events to help bring the chiropractic message to communities, including the “Orange You Glad You’re Well-Adjusted” chiropractic awareness campaign, the Quest for Health Fest and the Sylva Ashworth scholarship which assists single mothers in chiropractic college. Since 1998 Marcus has designed jewelry and clothing to fund the Ashworth scholarship. The newest scholarship project has been a highly successful Cooking with Chiropractic cookbook that has sold out the first printing. The popular “Women in Chiropractic” jam sessions developed and hosted by Marcus at Sherman’s Lyceum were originally a pilot for the annual weekend Women in Chiropractic Leadership Conferences.

Marcus has been a featured speaker at numerous professional chiropractic seminars and serves on the board of directors of the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations, Sherman College’s Board of Regents and as first vice president of the Sherman College Alumni Association.

In her community Marcus is a 1999 ATHENA Award recipient, an international award recognizing a woman in business who has demonstrated integrity and community service and is a leadership role model. She provides regular care to moms and children at a women’s shelter in her community. Marcus has had a thriving practice in Bethlehem, PA, since 1991 and offers family care in three languages.

Award presentations are a regular part of Sherman College Lyceum, which is held each Memorial Day Weekend on the college’s campus in Spartanburg, SC, and involves four days of seminars, special events and other programs. This event attracts approximately 800 attendees.

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