July 9, 2008

Sherman College Announces Ambassadors of the Year: Drs. Josh and Benna Click

Drs. Josh and Benna Click are both 2006 graduates of Sherman College and were honor students. Together they own and operate Click Family Chiropractic in Grove City, PA.

While they were students at Sherman they co-founded the patient education and adjusting club and were tutors in Human Anatomy, Orthopedic/Neurological Exam, Neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology, Neuropathophysiology, Spinal Biodynamics, Physical Exam, and Adjusting Technique for Sherman College students, and some for undergraduate students at University of South Carolina Upstate.
They have been members of the Sherman College Alumni Association, Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations and are active in many of their community organizations.

They are enthusiastic supporters of Sherman College, always willing to help with recruitment activities in Pennsylvania. They

They exemplify what we envision our Ambassadors to be, and have been presented with the Ambassadors of the Year Award for their outstanding commitment to helping Sherman grow.