Chiropractic intern researches for better care for epileptic patients

Jasen Van Dyke, a chiropractic intern at Sherman College of Chiropractic, has personal experience with epilepsy.

His daughter Lilli had seizures at least three times a week before she received chiropractic care, but as few as three a year with care.

Seeing the changes to his daughter’s life inspired Jasen to enroll as a chiropractic student four years ago.

After four years of study and training at Sherman, Jasen decided to develop a research project on chiropractic care of people who have epileptic seizures.

 Jasen’s story has been reported by local news media.

The Research Department at Sherman awarded a research certificate to Jasen for his efforts and contributions in researching this topic.

Dr. George Luo and Jasen VanDyke

Jasen Van Dyke receives a research certificate from Dr. George Luo,
Director of Research at Sherman College.
Photo is courtesy of David Tan.