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Reggie GoldDevoted to Chiropractic:
In Memory of
Reggie Gold

Reginald R. Gold, D.C., Ph.C., referred to simply yet reverently as “Reggie” by most, died at his Bala Cynwyd,  PA, home on March 24, 2012. A lecturer, philosopher, author and Sherman College benefactor, Gold traveled the globe spreading the chiropractic message and is responsible for inspiring hundreds, likely thousands, of people of all ages to pursue careers in chiropractic. He is survived by his wife of  more than 50 years, Irene Gold, D.C.

“Reggie did so much to advance the profession and Sherman College,” says Sherman President Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C. “We may never see another in our profession with the ability to communicate chiropractic so clearly and effectively. Reggie touched so many lives, including mine. He will be deeply missed.”

A charismatic chiropractic scholar and philosopher, Reggie Gold graduated as valedictorian, magna cum laude, from Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1957 and served in various leadership capacities in state and national organizations. He also held a Doctor of Chiropractic Humanities (Ph.C.) from Palmer. Gold’s practice in Spring Valley, NY, was a model for chiropractic practices around the world for many years; he developed and successfully marketed a series of techniques and products to help chiropractors gain patient confidence and build their practices.

Gold assisted in the startup of Sherman College, helped establish and served as first president of ADIO Institute which later became Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic, taught philosophy at three chiropractic colleges (including Sherman, from 1973-76) and lectured at most of the others. He is author of The Triune of Life, a treatise on traditional chiropractic philosophy that is used as a reference text in philosophy courses at Sherman College.

In addition, he lectured at medical schools from Mount Sinai to Stanford, as well as educational institutions overseas in South Africa, Australia and Peru. Gold was instrumental in founding the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (formerly FSCO) and introduced the profession to a clearer philosophical understanding of chiropractic.

He was a popular visiting scholar at Sherman College, and through the years he played a vital role in the college’s recruitment efforts. He spoke many times at the college’s annual Career Day program.

Sherman College commissioned a bronze sculpture in his honor that is housed in the Scallon Building atrium and reception area. Unveiled during Lyceum 2007, the bust sits atop a tall pedestal near the front entrance and bears one of Gold’s popular quotes on the inscription: “If you are not out to change the world, everything else is Mickey Mouse.”

Gold and his wife, Irene, a chiropractor and owner and leader of Irene Gold Associates, made a generous gift to Sherman College when they gave $1 million in the form of a charitable gift annuity in 2007. “Our lives have been dedicated to the chiropractic profession and to the education of chiropractors worldwide,” Gold said at the time. “Sherman is home to outstanding faculty, alumni and students. It is an honor to support the next generations of straight chiropractors.”

At the request of the family, memorial donations may be made to Sherman College of Chiropractic, PO Box 1452, Spartanburg, SC 29304, 864-578-8770, ext 277 or 240.

Reggie was a guiding light in my life for over forty years.

My love of chiropractic was strong but after hearing him speak in 1971 it became my passion. His understanding of and ability to communicate about chiropractic was so inspiring that for many years I could not sleep if I did not tell the chiropractic story every day.

He gave seminars in New Zealand and would stay at our home. I had the honor of not only cooking him roast lamb and mint sauce but also to sit and listen to him for extended periods of time soaking up all his wonderful words.

Later when I taught Chiropractic philosophy in California he was always available when I called with a challenge.

Rest in Peace, Reggie, you lived a life that was so rich in giving to all who listened and learned the simplicity and beauty of the chiropratic message you articulated so well.

I am proud to have known you and shared a little in your life. Thank you so much.

My thoughts and love are with Irene.

--Janine Dubke (Dobson)

Dr. Reginald R. Gold will forever be remembered as the pioneer who took our principle and delivered it straight to the public through lectures, television, radio, and whatever it took to save lives. Directly and indirectly, tens of millions of people were introduced to chiropractic care thanks to Reggie Gold. Whether they realize it or not, all chiropractors that have ever delivered patient orientations, been on radio or TV, or defended the chiropractic principle in public forums owe so much to Reggie for leading the way. Reggie Gold will forever be remembered, quite simply, as the greatest communicator in the history of our profession.

B.J. Hardick, D.C.
London, ON

One of our greatest pioneers in chiropractic has passed on. Peaceful passing my friend and thank you... for everything you have done to make our world a better place to live and thrive!!!
--Susan Newlin,
as seen on Facebook

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Memories of Reggie

My first memory of Reggie Gold was in my first trimester at Cleveland Chiropractic Los Angeles in 1986...  There was a group of students heading to see Reggie at a lecture hall in Glendale that afternoon...  Everyone was so excited!! I didn't know who he was at the time or why everyone was so excited to see him, but the energy felt like we were rushing to get to a "rock concert"...  I followed the group after school to see Reggie speak for the first time...  I was "shocked", but in a great way!  

I thought when I started school that I was supposed, to as a student, just keep my head down and get through school... but after listening to him speak I realized the truth of his words and the importance of his messege.... From then on, I learned to stand up and speak up for this great profession... Thank-you Reggie for showing me the "Light"...  You will always be missed, but never be forgotten!!!
--Brett M. Downey, D.C.,
Houston, TX

In my opinion, the greatest thing Reggie Gold ever did in his life was to give the chiropractic profession a non-therapeutic, objective driven approach to the practice of chiropractic. The greatest thing we can do to honor his memory is to practice and perpetuate that approach and in doing so preserve the philosophy that he so dearly loved.
--Joe Strauss, D.C.,  in his blog, Chiropractic Outside the Box

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Sherman lost a great soul but it's future is gaining the world, one mind at a time ... And all is because of the vision of Reggie & so many great others.
-- Dr Zdanowski,
Cliffside Park, NJ via email

Just got the news that Reggie transition on Saturday... I was teachiong MLS Adjusting in Toronto... Last night I was crying in my sleep... it awakened me and I felt the deepest gratitude for the teachings I received from Reggie Gold, D.C. He gave all his students the strongest, most complete foundations in the principles and philosophy of chiropractic which is today validated by modern sciences.
--Arno Burnier, D.C., 
as seen on Facebook

Reggie opened my eyes and continues to as I listen to old recordings. What a blessing to our profession and this world. Not many will ever approach that level of presence and being yet together we can serve Chiropractic, humanity and the message that Reggie propagated in ways beyond what any one man or woman could do. Serve Chiropractic, your people, and the message tomorrow in your offices in a way that honors Dr. Gold and give of yourself to the profession in deeper and more profound ways.
--Steve Tullius, D.C.,
as seen on Facebook

Reggie Gold, DC - Requiescat in Pace - he was a lion that defiantly roared the truth of chiropractic. More than ever, our profession needs his voice. It will be up to us now.
--Kevin Phalen, D.C.,
as seen on Facebook