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chiropractic for infants and children with Dr. Kevin Pallis

Children enjoy being adjusted.

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Chiropractic Care for Infants & Children

Dr. Kevin Pallis will focus on pediatrics and how it can play a major role in your office.  

Many chiropractors don’t see children because they are uncomfortable adjusting them or don’t know how to attract this segment. 

This is what this one-day program is designed to give you the confidence and the ‘how-to’ to create a more efficient, profitable and fun practice. You know how important it is to provide chiropractic care for infants and children, and now you can convince their parents. 

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Co-owner of The New Renaissance, Dr. Kevin Pallis has lectured across the US and Canada.  He is co-author with Dr. Ed Plentz of  A Parent’s Guide to Raising Healthy, Purposeful Children, along with several other books, CDs, DVDs, and other chiropractic educational materials.  Dr. Pallis has coached hundreds of chiropractors in his career, and he aims to touch a couple hundred more before he’s done.  He too lives by the mantra, “Healthier People=Healthier Planet.”  He and his wife Julie, both Logan graduates, bring 30 years of experience from their practice in Massachusetts.

Dr. Kevin co-founded Love Has No Color, a world project that helps Native American kids on a Reservation in Montana.  LHNC is the world project that works to ensure that every child on the Fort Peck Reservation grows up healthy and has a childhood filled with hopes and dreams, as well as practical ways of achieving them.

 Chiropractic Goals:

  1. To bring chiropractic to the world
  2. To allow the new chiropractor to be successful from the beginning of their practice life
  3. To have part in developing chiropractic into the biggest health care profession in the world
  4. To protect, serve, and preserve chiropractic worldwide

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