by Ed Owens, Sherman College Research Department

Lumbo-Pelvic Animations


X-ray View of Model: The model is rendered with a glassy material to simulate an x-ray view. The model spins in space so you can see the projection of overlying structures in the AP, Lateral and Oblique views. AVI 2.9 Meg
Forward Flexion: A view of the L-P spine in forward flexion. The animation demonstrates the 'Lumbo-pelvic Rhythm' or the timing of the motion. The lumbar spine flexes first, to about 30 degrees, followed by flexion of the pelvis on the femur. AVI 1.6 Meg
Pelvic Torsion: This animation shows, from a postero-lateral view, the pelvic motion during walking. As one leg moves forward, the ilium on that side will be drawn forward, and the opposite side will extend. The femur motion here is all being produced by ilium movement, about 3.5 degrees on each side. The Sacrum does an interesting torsion action to stay in contact with the SI joints. AVI 2.3 Meg
Pelvic Torsion, top view:A second version of the pelvic torsion animation showing the sacral movement from the top. AVI 1.6 Meg

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