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Research Department

Research Mission

The mission of the Research Department is to support and produce research and scholarly activities that contribute to the body of knowledge on chiropractic education, clinical knowledge, health care and the theoretical constructs of vertebral subluxation.

The department exists to conduct research, to support research by faculty, students and alumni, and to help prepare research findings for publication. Contact us with your questions.

Research Interests

Sherman College researchers have a particular interest the development of objective measures of assessing the vertebral subluxation, particularly in regard to its biomechanical and neurological components. Investigations into the effects of subluxation correction involve assessments of human physical and mental performance as well as physiological effects.

The department is also committed to the development of more specific and reliable methods of assessing chiropractic adjusting skills. State of the art technology to analyze data from 3-D images of actual adjustments will provide information helps instructors to more effectively critique student progress in acquiring expertise in administering chiropractic adjustments. Read more about specific chiropractic and other research interests.

News and Announcements

More News and Announcements - Recognition Through Research Newsletter

(6/10/2013) Trustee Daniel Knowles, D.C.,  Richelle Knowles, D.C. and  Katie Ray, D.C., have published “Reduction of a Lumbar Scoliosis & Improved Cervical Curve in a Geriatric Patient Following Network Spinal Analysis™ Care:  A Case Study” in the June 10, 2013, Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research, pp. 18-28.

(4/19/2013) Dr. John Hart represented Sherman College at the Ninth Annual SC Upstate Research Symposium held at Milliken & Company. Members of the research department including Dr. Pengju “George” Luo and Dr. Lafayette Briggs attended the symposium along with several interns. Breakout sessions by presenters from 13 colleges were held in 11 subject areas ranging from biology, health care, and clinical pedagogy, to language and literature, marketing and entrepreneurship, and graphic design. Poster presentations covered an additional 24 topics. Dr. Hart chaired the health care session, and presented his research on “Correlation Between Manual Pulse Rate and Heart Rate Variability.”