Recognition Through Research

Sherman College of Chiropractic

Fall 2010
Volume 7, Number 4

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Published quarterly, Recognition Through Research is designed to enhance awareness and foster participation from Sherman College faculty, staff, and students in research and other scholarly activities. Archives are available online.


Pengju (George) Luo, M.D., M.S., Ph.D.
Director of Research

John Hart, D.C., M.H.S.
Assistant Director of Research

Charlotte Babb, B.S., M.A., M.Ed.
Technical Editor

boone_ralph In Memoriam: W. Ralph Boone

William Ralph Boone, Ph.D., D.C., 68, of 120 S. Lake Emory Dr. died unexpectedly Sunday, November 21, at his residence. Funeral services were held November 27, 2010 at Seawright Funeral Chapel.

Dr. Boone graduated from the College of William and Mary with a B.S. in Biology in 1966, the University of Richmond with an M.S. in Biology in 1968, and a Ph.D. in Biology from USC Columbia, SC in 1974. In 1990 he received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic.

Dr. Boone was also a Licensed Chiropractor in SC, and a Registered Chiropractor in Victoria, Australia and in New Zealand. He was a member of the New Zealand Chiropractor’s Association. Dr. Boone was the Moderator for the Proceedings of the International Straight Chiropractic Consensus Conference in Chandler, AZ in 1992. He was a founding board member of the Council on Chiropractic Practice and served as its Vice President for several years.

In the 1980s Dr. Boone initiated and developed the College's Research Department, serving as its first director to 1990. In 2004, Dr. Boone returned to this post and retired from the College in 2009. Among his other contributions to straight chiropractic, Dr. Boone served as the president of the Straight Chiropractic Academic Standards Association (SCASA), president of the Southern California College of Chiropractic, and the pioneer editor of the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR).

He was instrumental in the development and success of the International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS), now held annually on the Sherman campus, and worked tirelessly to advocate the importance of relevant chiropractic research.

Thank you,Dr. Boone, for your honorable and distinct service to the college and to the profession. Read more at Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation.


Dr. Laura Greene-Orndorff and Dr. Pat Kuhta speak with Dr. Ralph Boone.

Published or Accepted for Publication in Peer Review Journals

Kuhta P., Hart J, Greene-Orndorff L., McDowell-Reizer B, and Rush P. The prevalence of posticus ponticus: retrospective analysis of radiographs from a chiropractic health center, Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (2010), 9, 162-165. available at

Qi You, Baowu Wang, Feng Chen, Zhiliang Huang, Xi Wang, and Pengju G. Luo. Comparison of anthocyanins and phenolics in organically and conventionally grown blueberries in selected cultivars. Food Chemistry (2010), in press

Hart J., Mastoid Fossa Temperature Differentials and Health Perception, JVSR and is available at:

Briggs L. Fibromyalgia and Vehicular Trauma: A Case Report. WebmedCentral ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2010;1(10):WMC001001 (available at )

Hart J., Standard Deviation Analysis of the Mastoid Fossa Temperature Differential Reading: A Potential Model for Objective Chiropractic Assessment, accepted for publication at the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine).

Briggs, L. Geometry of coplanar stereoscopic radiographic pairs for analysis of the lateral cervical radiograph: A pilot study (accepted for publication at the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine)

Abstracts Accepted for Presentation

Luo, P.G., Cao, L., Sun, Y.-P. and Luo, J., In Vitro Cytotoxicity Studies of Fluorescent Carbon Nanoparticles, accepted for poster presentations at the ACC-RAC, 2011

Delain R., McMaster K., Wang J. , York J., and Hart J., Blood Pressure Changes in African American Patients Receiving Care from Chiropractic Interns: A Pilot Study accepted for poster presentations at the ACC-RAC, 2011

Mboge C. and Hart J., Allowing a Possible Margin of Error When Assessing Student Skills in Spinous Process Location, accepted for poster presentations at the ACC-RAC, 2011

New Projects

The following research projects have received approval.

Hart J. Mastoid Fossa Differential, Reaction Time and Health Perception: A Case Study

Tiso M.A., The Effect of Improper Patient Placement During AP Lumbopelvic x-ray and the Effect on Pelvic Listings (student research)

Zagwyn C., Four Methods of C2 Analysis with Patient Outcomes, (Student research, Faculty Advisor: Dr. Pat Kuhta)

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