Student Leaders: Eric Goins

Eric Goins

Eric Goins

Chiropractic Student Leader: Eric Goans

Hometown:  Conover, North Carolina
Expected Graduation Date:  March 2014

How did you hear about the ROAR Student Leadership program and why did you decide to get involved?
I have always had an interest in sharing my story of chiropractic and how it has impacted my life. This opportunity opened up and gave me a foot in the door for a chance to share the chiropractic story and lifestyle with people who may have never understood exactly what chiropractic is.

What are the benefits to you? How do you think this will help you as a student and as you go into practice?
Being able to stand up in front of a group of people, whether it be 2 or 200, and share information about something I truly care about is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. This program has given me that chance.

Why do you think it is important for doctors of chiropractic to refer students? Why should they help out with recruiting?
Often times, I don’t think D.C.s really understand the impact that they are making on young students that are just finishing college and are afraid that they may be choosing the wrong profession. There is a special experience with chiropractic that no other profession can offer. When students see a chiropractor who has been in practice for 25+ years and still loves their job just as much as day one, it becomes a contagious experience that everyone wants to be a part of.

ROAR Student Leadership

ROAR Student Leadership

You have already helped us out with some recruiting. Where did you go, what was involved, and how did you like it? Is that part of your reason for joining ROAR Student Leadership?
Yes, my first recruiting experience was actually at the end of my 3rd quarter. I was told that a recruiter would be going to my undergraduate college (UNC Charlotte) to speak with about 180 students. I wanted to go along and be able to give a student’s perspective. I had such a great time just talking with people and became pleasantly surprised as to how many people were interested in chiropractic but had no idea where to start.

Why did you decide to become a chiropractor? If you were referred, please explain if that has an impact on your decision with ROAR.
I was very fortunate to have a chiropractor become a part of my life when I was 16, following a football accident that left me with very limited function in my neck and right arm. During my time of care, I was also shadowing the D.C. for a high school internship. Not only did he change my life, but I was able to witness other lives change as well. It was a feeling of reward that I couldn’t turn my back on. I knew that I had to become part of this incredible profession and take part in changing lives.

Email ROAR Director Jillian Kersh, D.C. or call 800-8449-8771 x. 220 for more information about being a student leader in ROAR.

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