Lyceum 2015:L Save the Date April 30-May 2

Lyceum 2015:L Save the Date April 30-May 2

ROAR for Sherman

ROAR for Sherman at Lyceum

ROAR Training at Lyceum 2015, April 30-May 2.

ROAR Exclusive Training Luncheon

Reach Out And Recruit members, make time in your Lyceum schedule for this ROAR-required exclusive lunch  in the Bahan Library.

ROAR Training topics include how to host your own Sherman event at the office, new recruitment materials, and how you can get more involved with the Sherman admission team.

Network with other ROAR doctors so you can return home and share your insight with future students!

If you’re interested in joining the ROAR Program, RSVP by calling 800-849-8771 ext. 220; current members must sign up on the Lyceum registration form.

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