How does ROAR help me?

  • Become a mentor
    One of the greatest satisfactions in life is helping other people fulfill their dreams.
  • Shape the profession
    People are strongly influenced by the professionals they know. When you recruit students, you help build the profession with compassionate, skilled, ethical and successful doctors.
  • Promote your practice
    Host a career session in your office or town and become known as an advisor.
  • Award scholarships
    Each student you refer will receive a total of $2,000 in scholarship money for the first four quarters of study at Sherman.

What's expected of me?

  • Embrace the swag
    W e’ll send you a packet full of goodies to help you get started (brochures, reply cards, fact sheets, posters and a ROAR shirt), and we’ll keep you stocked up with everything you need to ROAR.
  • Encourage future chiropractors
    Display career materials in your office and mentor students in your area by offering shadow opportunities and support.
  • Support Sherman publicly
    Speak highly about Sherman to colleagues and via social networks like Facebook.
  • Be a leader in your community
    Reach more people by representing the college at career events and school fairs.

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Jillian Kersh, DC

E-mail ROAR Director Jillian Kersh, D.C., at or call
800-849-8771 x. 220 for more information

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Roar Member Dr. Kevin Day and a prospective student

Build the Profession

As a ROAR member (like Dr. Kevin Day of Indiana, pictured above) we ask you to mentor prospective students and refer them to Sherman College.

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