Sherman Shares is a monthly publication of Sherman College.

  What Have We Done for Students Lately?
by Leslie M. Wise, D.C., Dean of Clinical Sciences


Recognizing that chiropractic is a philosophy, art, science, and a business, Sherman College has recently provided the following opportunities for senior students to enhance their business and practice management knowledge and skills.

August 15---Whitney Transition Seminars
Dr. John Whitney provided an excellent presentation to seniors on practice opportunities after graduation. He discussed associateship, space sharing, and buying a practice. Forty students attended.

August 28—NCMIC Starting into Practice Seminar
This all-day workshop (with lunch) provided seniors numerous resources for beginning a practice. Attendees were given access to the Starting into Practice web site, which contains sample forms, letters and marketing strategies. Dr. Richard and Carla Vincent provided a very detailed workshop on all aspects of starting a successful practice. Sixty students attended the workshop.

October 16---NCMIC Risk Management Seminar
Mike Whitmer from NCMIC gave a two-hour workshop for seniors on lowering risk in practice. Emphasis was placed on proper procedures and paperwork that will create a non-threatening practice environment. Sixty students attended.

October 22---Leasing and Financing Workshop
P.J. Holmes and John Halsey from York X-ray presented a lease-vs.-buy workshop. The financial benefits as well as the tax implications of each were presented in detail. The profit potential of x-ray equipment was illustrated, and the benefits of leasing big-ticket items were shown. Forty-five students attended.

October 28---SCORE - Starting a Business Seminar
Sherman has entered into collaboration with the Piedmont Chapter of SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives, This nation-wide organization is affiliated with the Small Business Administration, and provides a wide variety of services to start-up businesses. This day-long seminar features an attorney, a banker, an accountant, a business plan expert, a marketing professor and an insurance executive. All aspects of starting a business are covered, and SCORE counselors are available to assist in the actual start-up process. Forty-five students attended.

October 30---Dr. Steve Graham
Dr. Steve Graham, a Louisville, KY, chiropractor, presented a marketing and associateship workshop. He related his experiences in starting a practice, and gave ideas for avoiding common pitfalls. Forty students attended.

November 6---Dr. Mitch Falk
Dr. Falk, a Sherman Alumnus, is current Chairman of the S.C. Board of Chiropractic Examiners. He spoke on regulatory matters in the state and addressed student concerns on licensing and regulation. One hundred students attended.

Sherman is committed to presenting as many opportunities as possible for senior students to learn about starting, and operating a successful practice.