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  What Is Happening In The Health Center?
by Michael Clusserath, D.C., Dean of Chiropractic Health Services


Michael Clusserath, D.C.
Dean of Chiropractic Health Services

In a word, the health center is booming as 2003 was a record year for patient visits and new patients. This was due to a 50 percent increase in intern enrollment and is projected to continue through winter and spring quarters 2004. Our interns have performed magnificently and have responded to the challenge of creating a practice and meeting or exceeding all of their requirements.

The CCE site team completed its visit in early October with recommendations for improvements in policy, procedures, student education and the extern program. We will make advancements in these areas in the early part of the year in addition to improvements in technique and patient education.

The technique committee completed almost a year of work to develop a process for making revisions to the technique package and created an outline for the Sherman Package according to the “Vision for the Sherman Package” statement presented by the Board of Trustees. We look forward to an even higher quality learning experience and significant improvement in the coherence between the classroom and the health center application of technique.

In addition, you will see an improvement to patient education with the addition of a 42-inch flat screen TV in the lobby (which will display educational slides about chiropractic and health) and the development of an internship program. Interns will receive valuable training in patient education, coordinated by the patient education committee, and will assist all interns in gaining experience in delivering patient lectures. Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer and the patient education committee will coordinate efforts to develop the program. They also have successfully implemented the Health Enhancement Nights on Tuesday evenings for the past two quarters and will continue to develop this program.

Our outreach in the community, coordinated by Director of Community Relations Linda Price, is far surpassing the number of events from one year ago – with a 100 percent increase in events such as spinal screenings, health talks, outreach to special needs groups and more. We are working diligently to release the best-kept secret in Spartanburg and continue to make Sherman College known as to the place to be for chiropractic care and the flagship for all that Sherman College has to offer.

All of these improvements and the positive changes to come in 2004 would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of the faculty and staff of the health center. Thanks to all of you!