January 2004  

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  The Sherman College website has had a makeover! Visit our new look at www.sherman.edu  
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  Keep up with the 2004 Continuing Education events. Visit our website's Continuing Education section.  
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You may now list or view classified ads online using Sherman College's Chiropractic Service Portal. Ads regarding practices or equipment for sale, associates needed or miscellaneous items can be listed or viewed. Search by state, zip code or price.

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Sherman Shares is a monthly publication
of Sherman College of  Straight Chiropractic

  Students to Share Their Lives Through Online Journals
  Several Sherman students have agreed to bare it all – sort of.  Mikk Behr, Cara Davis and Caroline Getecha have all agreed to keep online journals of their experiences at Sherman College. The journals will be posted to the college’s web site (www.sherman.edu) in the next two weeks, but the journals’ permanent homes will be on a new web site, www.truesherman.com.  READ MORE  
  Sherman College Reaches Out to Upstate Businesses
  What an exciting time to have the opportunity to network within the Greenville community! If you are confused by this comment, that’s okay. What I’m talking about is a new marketing opportunity for Sherman College. This avenue is the Wall Street Capitol GSA (Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson) monthly Breakfast Club America meeting. READ MORE  
  We Met The Challenge!
  Thanks to the many alumni and friends of the college who answered our requests for donations, Sherman College met the challenge of raising $75,000. READ MORE  
  What is Happening in the Health Center?
  In a word, the health center is booming as 2003 was a record year for patient visits and new patients. This was due to a 50 percent increase in intern enrollment and is projected to continue through winter and spring quarters 2004. Our interns have performed magnificently and have responded to the challenge of creating a practice and meeting or exceeding all of their requirements. READ MORE  
  Sherman Welcomes Winter Class
On January 5, 2004, Sherman College welcomed 35 students to campus during winter New Student Orientation. Dr. Jerry Hardee, president of Sherman College, congratulated the new students on their success in acceptance into the doctor of chiropractic program, but he also spoke to them about the important and challenging road ahead. READ MORE
 Patient Education: Commit to Kaizen
When we look at the core values laid out in The Sherman Chiropractor released by our Board of Trustees in May 2002, we find that one of the values is dedicated to showing knowledge, skills and attitudes strongly committed to straight chiropractic. One of the ways we accomplish this is by effectively communicating the philosophy of straight chiropractic. READ MORE
  DID YOU KNOW?                                                                          
1 Sherman’s two admission counselors, Matthew Christopher and Mackel Harris, visited more than 150 college campuses in fall 2003, speaking in classrooms, sharing information at career fairs, meeting with science and pre-med clubs and meeting individually with professors and career counselors.
2 The college’s Ambassador program grew from 128 to 191 members in 2003. These Sherman alumni and supporters from across the country hosted career fairs, attended state conventions and referred prospective students to the college.
3 Student interns participating in the Community Relations program represented Sherman College at 160 community events and brought in 330 new patients from spinal screenings in the year 2003, more than doubling their attendance and results from 2002.
4 The college’s annual Vertebral Subluxation Research Conference and Conference for Philosophy in Chiropractic have been combined to form the International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS) to be held October 9-10, 2004, at Sherman College. Click here for details.