February 2004  

Alumni: let us know where you are and what you're up to! You can update your info, send news and announcements right on our website in the alumni section.

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Sherman Shares is a monthly publication
of Sherman College of  Straight Chiropractic

  Marketing Article
  Although Sherman and its many constituents have always been proud of being true to chiropractic, the college is now making the depth of its commitment unquestionably clear to students, alumni, friends and other supporters. READ MORE  
  Remember the FUN-damentals with Lyceum 2004
  Lyceum 2004 is just four months away, and the continuing education department is busy preparing to make this year’s Lyceum an even bigger and more exciting event. The department aims to exceed 2003 attendance of 1,100 with more speakers, events and excitement. READ MORE  
  Career Day Filled With Excitement
  It's that time of year again… time for Lyceum and Career Day! And for those of you who may not know, the Admission Office coordinates the Career Day festivities. With that being said, let us introduce you to this year’s event, which will take place on May 29. READ MORE  
  Attention Alumni: Do We Know Where You Are?
  The Alumni Office staff is working on the new Alumni Directory for printing this spring. Alumni, do we have your correct office address, phone, fax and your email address in our database? READ MORE  
  A MAP for Students: Sherman Introduces Mentoring Advising Plan
  A mentor program has always been part of the academic experience for all students from their very first day at Sherman. But the recent development and implementation of the new 14-quarter curriculum made this a perfect time to review, revamp and revitalize the mentor program. The Mentoring Advising Plan (MAP) made its debut with the winter 2004 class. READ MORE
  The traditional performance of first quarter students song and dance is caputured at the January 21st bagelfest.  VIEW PICTURES 
  Christian Chiropractic Club Award
  COMING SOON: FILLER STUFF HERE: When we look at the core values laid out in The Sherman Chiropractor released by our Board of Trustees in May 2002, we find that one of the values is dedicated to showing knowledge, skills and attitudes strongly committed to straight chiropractic. One of the ways we accomplish this is by effectively communicating the philosophy of straight chiropractic. READ MORE 
  DID YOU KNOW?                                                                          
1 Sherman College is home to an active Toastmaster’s Club.
2 Approximately 15 percent of students at Sherman are “career changers” and have had at least one full-time career before pursuing the doctor of chiropractic degree.
3 Sherman College students participated in local men’s and women’s softball leagues as well as men’s basketball through the Spartanburg Parks and Recreation League in 2003. The men’s basketball team won second place in the tournament.
4 Nineteen percent of Sherman College alumni donated to the college’s annual fund in 2003, compared to 16% in 2002.