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  A MAP for Students: Sherman Introduces Mentoring Advising Plan
by Dianne Hertel, Administrative Assistant, Registrarís Office


A true community. As stated in Shermanís new marketing and recruitment materials, administrators, staff, and faculty are committed to the academic and professional success of all students.

A mentor program has always been part of the academic experience for all students from their very first day at Sherman. But the recent development and implementation of the new 14-quarter curriculum made this a perfect time to review, revamp and revitalize the mentor program. The Mentoring Advising Plan (MAP) made its debut with the winter 2004 class.

MAP began on orientation day when the incoming class got acquainted with their new faculty mentors over lunch. At that meeting, the groundwork was laid for future correspondence and meetings. Information such as student profiles and schedules are sent to the mentors to give them additional information about the students they will advise.

Mentors meet with each of their students during week four of the first quarter to take a pulse on each studentís acclimation to the college and to provide early intervention if problems have arisen with classes or other issues. Students and mentors meet again in week seven when midterm grades, goals for the upcoming quarter, and any other issues or concerns will be discussed. In each subsequent quarter, students will meet with their mentors to review progress toward achieving their goal of becoming doctors of chiropractic.

This revitalized mentoring program is just one more way Sherman shows its dedication to the success of its students Ė the future of the chiropractic profession.