Sherman Shares is a monthly publication
of Sherman College.

  Sherman College is TRUE
by Karen Brower Rhodes, Director of Public Relations

Although Sherman and its many constituents have always been proud of being true to chiropractic, the college is now making the depth of its commitment unquestionably clear to students, alumni, friends and other supporters.

A newly developed marketing and branding campaign and an innovative line of recruitment and promotional materials reinforce Sherman’s relentless commitment to its roots, mission and philosophy – Sherman College is TRUE. True to the profession. True to its mission of bringing straight chiropractic to the world. True to its students, faculty, alumni and supporters. Truly committed to achieving excellence in the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic. True.

Stamats Communications, the college’s agency of record, developed the new publications, which include a new viewbook with coordinating yearly inserts, road piece, mailing envelope, Ambassador Handbook, PowerPoint templates, advertisements, brochure templates, Straight From Sherman and Postcheck templates and trade show exhibit panels. The college began rolling out the new materials in January 2004.

To create the new recruitment and marketing materials, Stamats consultants and key members of the company’s creative team conducted a recruitment audit, carried out a research campaign, visited the campus, met with numerous students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters, met regularly with the college’s Integrated Marketing Team and led brainstorming discussions.

The resulting printed pieces share common graphic elements, a soothing and earthy color palette, vivid images, easy-to-read blocks of copy and, most importantly, an underlying theme that reinforces the college’s true commitment to advancing chiropractic.

If you would like to receive an admission packet with a viewbook and inserts, please e-mail the admission office.

If you would like to receive an Ambassador Handbook, e-mail Director of Ambassador Relations Leroy G. Moore, D.C.

Viewbook folder
Viewbook mailing envelope

Viewbook inserts:
Financing Your Education
Get a True Look and Feel

Road Brochure
Ambassador Handbook