March 2004  

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Sherman Shares is a monthly publication
of Sherman College of  Straight Chiropractic

  Faculty, Administrators Represent Sherman at ACC/RAC Conference

A Sherman delegation of 10 faculty and administration members represented the college at the ACC/RAC conference in Las Vegas, NV, March 10-14, 2004. READ MORE

  Sherman Represented at Naval and Marine Corps Reserves Center Health Fair

A unique union was formed on March 13, 2004 in Upstate South Carolina – that of military services and chiropractic health services. For the first time in Sherman College’s history, chiropractic interns held a spinal screening for military personnel at the Annual Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center’s Health Fair. READ MORE

  California Governor Schwarzenegger Spotlights Service and Health at Symposium
  Traveling on behalf of the college’s Ambassador Program is always an exciting job filled with opportunities. But on my recent trip to the ICA Symposium on Natural Fitness March 5-6 in Columbus, OH, I had a special opportunity – a handshake and photo op with California Governor and  READ MORE
 Student Activities Keep Campus Buzzing with Activity
 The Office of Student Affairs kicked off a fabulous winter quarter by welcoming the new students during orientation on January 5. Student Affairs also worked closely with Chiropractic Student Government representatives to offer Club Time during this event so that the new students could explore the many extracurricular activities and clubs available on campus.  READ MORE 
  Life is “Tremendous” at Lyceum 2004
  On Friday evening, May 28, during Lyceum 2004, keynote speaker Charles “Tremendous” Jones will present “An Evening of Learning Laughter and Leadership.” One of the most dynamic speakers of our time, Jones is a motivational speaker and author who has been showing people how to laugh at life for 50 years.  READ MORE  
 Alumnus Robert Epstein Helps Patients “Sign In Electronically”
 Walk in to any chiropractic office in the world, and chances are excellent that one of the first items in your line of sight will be the patient sign-in clipboard at the front desk. Maintaining a list of patients in the patient’s own handwriting has long been seen as a legal necessity requiring us to forego confidentiality in order to “take roll.” With the advent of HIPAA, federal regulations to ensure patient confidentiality, doctors have reason to be concerned about privacy issues involved in the clipboard and yellow pad. READ MORE 

Career Day Plans in Full Swing

Whether you’re a prospective student or a practicing chiropractor, you’ll want to mark your calendar for Sherman’s Career Day on Saturday, May 29, as part of the college’s four-day Lyceum program. Prospective students, you won’t want to miss this great opportunity... READ MORE
1 Most chiropractors earn between $45,000 and $105,520 per year, depending on experience, location, and setting, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. On average, chiropractors earn $75,000 annually.
2 More than 500 manufacturing firms are located in Spartanburg County.
3 The cost of living in the Spartanburg area is lower than the national average and considerably lower than most cities on both coasts.
3 The office of Student Services in now called Student Affairs.
3 Sherman College Dean of Basic Sciences Susan Boger-Wakeman and her husband, John, will bike 1,200 miles across the Yukon and Alaska this summer.