Sherman Shares is a monthly publication
of Sherman College.

 Student Activities Keep Campus Buzzing with Activity
by Stacy Flowers, Dean of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs kicked off a fabulous winter quarter by welcoming the new students during orientation on January 5. On January 9, we served hot chocolate and apple cider during the quarterly Welcome Back Blast. Student Affairs also worked closely with Chiropractic Student Government representatives to offer Club Time during this event so that the new students could explore the many extracurricular activities and clubs available on campus. 

On January 16, we conducted the LEAP Workshop for the quarter. The Learning Enhanced Achievement Program (LEAP) offers study/test taking skills, stress management and time management techniques, and a learning styles assessment. This quarter’s program focused on learning styles assessment and study/test taking skills. Students discovered their individual learning styles and learned strategies they could use to improve their success in the classroom.

Then we hosted the traditional BagelFest event on January 21. The first-quarter students performed a rendition of Outkast’s “Hey Ya.” We were also entertained by Sherman alum Jason Usher, who served as DJ and emcee for the event.  

Dr. Dick Plummer spoke about the philosophy of straight chiropractic and the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations during an Assembly on January 29.

Preparations for CollegeFest 2004 have already begun with meetings between Student Affairs personnel from the local colleges being held on various campuses. CollegeFest 2003 in Spartanburg’s downtown Barnet Park was a great success and students are already looking forward to this year’s event.

The campus celebrated the week of Valentine’s Day with several activities:

- “The Languages of Love” - Diversity at Sherman was celebrated when hearts stating “I Love You” in many different languages were placed on doors and in the Café.
- CSG General Assembly - CSG representatives and Executive Council enjoyed a catered brunch during their regularly scheduled meeting.
- “Who Loves Ya Baby?” - College staff members surprised students by handing out candy.
- “The Heart of Chiropractic” - Dr. Reggie Gold presented an assembly on the heart of chiropractic. Everyone was asked to wear red on this day to celebrate the event.

On February 18th, Dr. Judy Scher presented an Assembly, titled “Chiropractor as Master Healer: What it Takes to Walk Your Talk.” She discussed such issues as communication of healing and wellness; developing a lifestyle that supports your chiropractic, healing and wellness vision; and how to wake up each day “On-Purpose.”

The Office of Student Affairs looks forward to continuing the positive energy on campus throughout the upcoming spring quarter and in preparations for Lyceum.