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 Sherman Student Recognized in Photography Contest

Fifth-quarter student Audrey Bigelow has always enjoyed taking pictures, and she was honored recently when she earned a silver trophy and medal for Outstanding Achievement in Amateur Photography from the International Society of Photographers.

The photograph recognized was “Afterglow,” a picture she took from her Campus Place apartment parking lot in Spartanburg, SC, with a digital camera.



Bigelow traveled to Washington, D.C., earlier this month to receive her medal and trophy. While there, she participated in another contest. All award recipients at the event were given a digital camera and were challenged to take a photo in Washington with the camera they were given.

Trophy and Medal


Washington Monument

Bigelow chose to photograph a spiraling chandelier in the lobby of her hotel. “I called it ‘Illuminated Nautilus’ because the spiral reminded me of a shell,” she said. Although Bigelow didn’t win that contest, she enjoyed participating. “There were so many great pictures,” she said.

Looking for a photography contest she could enter, Bigelow found the International Society of Photographers contest on the Internet. One of the main selling points, she said, was that she keeps the rights to the photo. She entered the contest late last year by submitting two photos via e-mail.

The International Society of Photographers award was Bigelow’s first. But awards aside, she loves photography. “It’s nice to be able to look at a picture you took and remember what was going on around that time,” she said. “It’s a way to pull out memories from the past.”

Bigelow’s favorite subject matter includes butterflies, bugs, bees, clouds and trees. “And I’ve shot a lot of sunsets lately,” she added.


Sunset Silhouettes

Bigelow released one of her photographs to Sherman in 2003 when the college printed a limited number of founder Dr. Thomas A. Gelardi’s writing, “Undisturbed,” and offered signed copies for sale in the bookstore and at the silent auction. A limited number of copies are still available through the college bookstore (e-mail or call 800-849-8771, ext. 1260 for details).