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 Terry Bowden Added to Thursday Night Big Top Lineup at Lyceum!|
by Rebecca Clusserath, Director of Continuing Education

Terry Bowden

Under the Big Top on Thursday evening we are excited to announce that Terry Bowden, 1993 National Coach of the Year and Studio Analyst for ABC Sports will present, “You Can Make A Difference.”

Mr. Bowden is a dynamic motivational speaker who is also incredibly funny. Unlike so many speakers that make a living by telling people how to be a success, Terry Bowden has made a living by being a success.

From outstanding student athlete, to National Coach of the Year, to ABC college football’s leading television studio analyst, Terry Bowden knows what is takes to be a success at whatever he does. Don’t miss his powerful and entertaining message on Thursday night.

In addition to Bowden, Rose Panico and Dr. Irene Gold will give inspirational and entertaining messages about their many years in and around the chiropractic profession. Spizz and awards will also be part of the evening, and Dr. Jerry Hardee’s inspiring President’s Address will top off the evening.

Make plans now to arrive early on Thursday so you won’t miss this entertaining and inspiring night.