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of Sherman College.

 JOB Center Helps Students Get Started in Practice
by Stacy Flowers, Dean of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs staff has created a JOB Center to assist students in getting information about practice building skills. The JOB (Just Opening Business) Center was created as a resource tool to be used in conjunction with services that are already available through Student Affairs such as the Career Opportunity Notebook.

While the Career Opportunity Notebook provides information such as the availability of associate positions, practices for sale, and equipment for sale, the JOB Center information is specifically related to providing information concerning establishing and building a practice.

The JOB Center is located in the Olsen Lobby. Students can copy information from the resource notebook or obtain it from the computer located in the Center area.

The resource book, a “how-to” guide for practice building, contains the following information:

  • Templates to be used for creating a resume
  • Business forms such as 12-month cash-flow statements, balance sheets, cash disbursements journal, competitor analysis work sheets, daily cash reports, etc.
  • Practice Pointers Newsletters
  • Information concerning insurance billing
  • Access to important telephone numbers such as business office catalogs, credit payment plans, insurance companies, malpractice insurance numbers, leasing agencies, office software
  • Information for selecting the right location for a practice

Students can access the JOB Center book, computer and Career Opportunity Notebook by visiting the Office of Student Affairs