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of Sherman College.

 From Admission Counselor to Chiropractic Student
by Jaime Browning, soon-to-be former Admission Counselor

Jaime Browning, DC2B

What a decision! How did I end up here? I started with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a dream to counsel in schools and now, two years later, I am headed to Sherman College. Methodically by the Man upstairs, my road to chiropractic has been built brick by brick.

From volunteering in psychiatric homes, to majoring in counseling, and even working in Human Resources at BMW, I’m convinced that all the steps and obstacles in my life have been purposefully laid out in hopes that I realize my true calling. 

Much of my life I have always known that I wanted to work with people. And for the most part, all previous jobs I held focused on just that -- people! But somewhere in the midst of pursuing my master’s in counseling, my views veered off onto a different path. The vehicle that guided me to this path was a compilation of daily interactions with current students, prospective students, faculty, and staff, conversations with my chiropractic intern (thirteenth-quarter student Steve Clark), assemblies and guest speakers, and the enthusiasm held by everyone here at Sherman College.

Even though I thought (and still think) counselors are such an important part of the healthcare system, I was not satisfied that this would be how I would make my contribution to this world. I felt my gifts should be focused elsewhere; they should be focused into the chiropractic field.

After working at Sherman College and counseling prospective students for almost one-and-a-half years, my decision to pursue chiropractic is firm and concrete. I no longer question what I am destined to do with my life. Learning the philosophy behind a holistic way of living and allowing the body to do what it knows best seems like the only way life was meant to be lived. Why not teach others what I have been learning?

I understand and fully accept that I was meant to be a part of the Sherman College community, and I have yet to doubt my decision. After all, I applied for the admission counselor position at Sherman College through a blind advertisement in the newspaper; I honestly had no idea what I was in for. That ad opened the door to a great opportunity, an unknown opportunity.

And little did I know that this unknown employer would be my first encounter with chiropractic and my motivation to want to learn more.

Stay tuned… Beginning in September, you’ll be able to follow Jaime’s progress at She’ll be writing and posting photos about her experiences as a student in the Fast Track prerequisite program at Greenville Technical College and, later, as a student at Sherman.