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 Photo Feature 
 Halloween @ Sherman



Little Red Riding Hood (Stephanie Lanzara), Batman (Norm Case) and Robin (Ben Avritt) enjoy the contest.


Carrie Dixon (C6) and other members of the second-quarter class each play a role in completing the entire spine.




Sam Adams (student Michael Minge) wins the Best Individual Costume prize.


The Atlas Wizard (student Debra Pavlovic) wins the Best Chiropractic Costume prize.





The Village People (students Tom Cranmer, Anita Wilton, Luke Badman, Colleen Compel, Lewis Leaseburge and Kendra Ehlich) win the prize for Best Group.


Judges for the contest are Sherman Assistant Professor Bob Irwin, Cody Porter and C.J. Jackson of the Upstate Workforce Investment Board, and Karla Starks of the Spartanburg Chamber.




Registrar and Financial Aid staff (Dianne Hertel, Julie Clayton, Donna Butler, Gail Pittman and Kathy Wilson) creatively call themselves a “staff infection.”


The staff infection’s “germs” and specimens on display.





They heard it through the grapevine.



Sarah Merrison, April Roberson and Vanessa Bintliff (California Raisins) take a break to enjoy the refreshments.




Everybody loves dirt cake and witch’s brew.



Cedric Smith is Fred Flintstone.





Aaron Fisher is B.J. Palmer.


Mary Strange and Patty Platts dress as cows.




Natalie Kurylo is Cruella De Vil.




The Public Relations and Enrollment Services Offices (Karen Rhodes, Lisa Hildebrand, Holly Cremonese, Matthew Christopher, Alison Kimball and Danny Shelton on the tricycle) dress as babies.




Computer Lab Assistant Jared Lopez is Clark Kent/Superman.



Institutional Advancement and friends (Robin Pace, Barry Nickelsberg, Anje Hawkins, Shay Yates, Marggi Roldan and Beth McCarter) are “off to see the wizard.”