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 Photo Feature 
  Bagelfest @ Sherman



First quarter students pose for a photo before Bagelfest begins.

Bagels for everyone.



Lisa Hildebrand names twelfth-quarter student Levi Pulver Tour Guide of the Quarter.

Lead Faculty Doctor and Sherman College Alumni Association Treasurer Claudia Seay, D.C., congratulates Candace Thomas on receiving the Alumni Association Scholarship.



Executive Vice President/Provost Myron Brown, D.C., and Dean of Chiropractic Health Services Michael Clusserath, D.C., present student Curtrell Frye with her nametag for the Chiropractic Health Center. Students entering Clinic 700 are recognized at each Bagelfest.

First-quarter students Jeremy Hozjan, Chris Carter, Edwin Kamara, Jonathan Wise and Brad Shook sing, ”What do you do with a subluxation?"



Nathan Blanton, Brandy Chapman, Nancy Santos, Rodney Slusher, Mark McCauley and Burke Burch enjoy the limelight.

Austin Anderson leads classmates Jeremy Hozjan, Chris Carter, Edwin Kamara, Jonathan Wise, Brad Shook and Nina Kennedy in another verse.



Nina Kennedy, Terrence Waller and Nathan Blanton hope for applause.