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  Prospective Students “Shadow an Intern” on Groundhog Day
by Director of Admission Lisa Hildebrand, M.A.


Five prospective students recently got a first-hand look at what it’s like to be a doctor of chiropractic student during Sherman’s inaugural “Shadow an Intern” event on February 2, Groundhog Day.

Students arrived on campus at 2 p.m. for lunch with interns Liz Jeffries and Levi Pulver in Sandella’s Café. Then they took a tour of the campus and spent the afternoon in the Chiropractic Health Center with the interns as they saw patients, updated records and viewed x-rays. The five prospective student “shadowers” also learned more about chiropractic during one of the health center’s daily health talk seminars.

Prospective student Keith Ebner of Greer, SC, enjoyed seeing the typical day of an intern at Sherman. “Liz and Levi’s enthusiasm and knowledge of chiropractic was truly an inspiration and makes my desire to join your group increase with anticipation,” he wrote in an e-mail. Ebner is taking the prerequisite courses for admission to Sherman at nearby Greenville Technical College and hopes to enroll at Sherman next year.

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Prospective students Keith Ebner, Gwynlyncia Foxworth, and Margaret Hendrix enjoy lunch in Sandella's Café with interns Liz Jeffries
and Levi Pulver
“Shadow an Intern” day participants spend time with intern Levi Pulver and one of his patients in the Chiropractic Health Center.
Gwynlyncia Foxworth and Margaret Hendrix watch
as Levi performs a leg check.