Sherman Shares is a monthly publication
of Sherman College.

  Spring 2005 Bagelfest
Wednesday, April 20



Syrophenia Udomah and Kanesia Green are named Tour Guides of the Quarter.

Student committee leaders for Lyceum 2005 (Racing Toward the Vision) made athletic entrances to the music of “Chariots of Fire.” Several of the committee leaders include, from left, Janie Haun, Brandi Smith, Liz Jeffries, Marissa Shelton, Stephanie Lanzara, Daniel Denette and Shamva Wright.

Lyceum Exhibitor Committee leader Liz Jeffries makes an entrance.

December 2004 graduates and Admission Representatives Scott and Katherine Crafton, D.C.s, present President Jerry Hardee, Ed.D., with a dancing James Brown.... “I Feel Good!”

Brandon Williamson (as Vanilla Ice) leads his fellow first-quarter students in a verse of “Ice, Ice Baby” – with chiropractic lyrics, of course.

First-quarter students Ed Schwartz, Sarah Hock, Michael Amare, Brandon Williamson, Darby Simmons, Fredrick McDonald, LaShawn Smalls, Tamika Sims and Craig Dobek enjoy a laugh during their performance.

Shawntria Harris, Ed Schwartz, Sarah Hock, Michael Amare, Brandon Williamson and Darby Simmons dance to Vanilla Ice.