Sherman Shares is a monthly publication
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  Admission Blog Updates Prospective Students

When in the college environment, do as the students do. That rule obviously doesnít apply to everything for staff members at Sherman College, but Director of Admission Lisa Hildebrand, M.A., has found a way to make it work: she blogs.

A blog (or weblog) is basically an online journal or publication that consists of entries and/or articles about a particular topic. To keep prospective students better informed about events and life on campus at Sherman College, Hildebrand, with the help of Webmaster Joy Gayler, recently initiated an Admission Office blog.

Hildebrandís blog is designed to update prospective students about admission requirements, remind them of applicable college deadlines, provide information about scholarships, answer frequently asked questions, and inform them of happenings on campus. Hildebrand posts entries once or twice a week and also includes pictures so prospective students can see what Sherman College is all about.

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