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  Barwell Donates InVision Unit for Sherman Research
by Assistant Director of Research John Hart, D.C.


Richard Barwell, D.C., founder and president of Chiropractic Equity Offices (CEO), Inc., recently donated an InVision instrument to the Sherman College Research Department for use in research projects. The unit, valued at approximately $15,000, will be helpful in assessing autonomic nerve function pre- and post-adjustment.

According to Barwell’s web site, InVision was developed to help determine an adjustment’s effect on the nervous system, and the unit “analyzes the state of the nervous system at seven different levels.” To do so, the InVision instrument includes EEG, para-spinal SEMG, dynamic SEMG, specific SEMG, hand temperature, skin conductance (GSR), EKG, respiration belt and heart rate variability sensors. Barwell says there are approximately 50 InVision units now in chiropractic offices worldwide.

Barwell was recipient of the Best Paper Award at Sherman College’s International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS) last year, as well as a guest speaker at our recent Lyceum. Barwell’s paper, “A Four Case Study: The Effect of the Chiropractic Adjustment on the Brain Wave Pattern as Measured by QEEG,” can be viewed online at

The Research Department looks forward to many more collaborative endeavors with Barwell.

Richard Barwell, D.C., and Susan Barwell, his wife and partner in Chiropractic Equity Offices Inc., present Assistant Director of Research John Hart, D.C., with an InVision unit for the Research Department.