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  Sherman Package Full Spine Technique and Patient Education and Principles
by Director of Continuing Education Rebecca Clusserath


Rebecca Clusserath

In April Dick Plummer, D.C., Judy Campanale, D.C., and Sherman faculty member Ron Castellucci, D.C., traveled to New Hampshire to share with chiropractors and chiropractic assistants tools to enhance their practice and promote The Sherman Package. This collaborative seminar is an interesting blend of the chiropractic principles, patient education and adjusting techniques: elements that are crucial in building and maintaining a successful practice.

Feedback from the New Hampshire seminar was very positive. Attendees were impressed with the innovative ideas on patient education and communication presented by Plummer and Campanale. Others commented on the specificity of Sherman Package technique as presented by Castellucci and the gentleness with which adjustments can be made. Muscle palpation analysis was new information they could take home and use in their practices.

Such great comments donít come as much of a surprise when you consider the combined expertise of these three dynamic speakers. Plummer brings his many years of experience, unique style of patient education and successful practice building techniques. He is a master of communication and teaches how to turn every person in your practice into a lifetime care patient.

Campanale teaches how to build relationships with patients in her familiar warm and friendly style. Attendees learn creative ways to teach patients the principles of chiropractic. If patients understand chiropractic, they will choose chiropractic for a lifetime.

Castellucci brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of adjusting and The Sherman Package. The package is a comprehensive full spine approach with effective analytical and corrective procedures for each segment of the spine. This seminar focuses specifically on Sherman Collegeís adjusting techniques for the lumbosacral spine and its unique analysis package. The Sherman College analysis package includes traditional spinal analysis methods taught profession-wide, as well as a combination of paraspinal thermographic analysis, muscle palpation and pattern analysis taught almost exclusively at Sherman College.

Plummer, Campanale and Castellucci will be on the road again this fall when they visit the Phoenix area in September and Detroit in November. Visit our web site at for more seminar details. Plans for additional cities are being scheduled for 2006 so we may be coming to your area soon!