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 Hardee Named Chancellor at Sherman

Jerry L. Hardee, Ed.D.

Within two weeks after his retirement announcement, former Sherman College President Jerry L. Hardee, Ed.D., decided he wouldn’t be going too far. Hardee, the college’s third president, has rejoined the college as chancellor, a position that keeps him intimately involved with the college but still allows him the valuable retirement time he has craved.

As chancellor, Hardee will supervise areas of institutional advancement, enrollment services, public relations and leadership development.

When he announced his retirement on July 25, Hardee spoke of his hopes to stay involved with the college in some capacity and has since begun settling into his role as chancellor.

“It’s not easy to simply walk away from an institution when it has become so important to one’s very existence,” Hardee says. “Sherman has become a part of my life and I’m happy to continue to contribute to its success. In this new role, I’ll do all I can to bring to fruition several of the projects that were ongoing or in the planning stages during my presidency.”

Hardee also looks forward to maintaining his commitment to the Spartanburg community, including his service to about a dozen local organizations’ boards of directors.

Sherman’s founder and Interim President Thomas A. Gelardi, D.C., is thrilled to have Hardee return and looks forward to his continued contributions to the college, particularly in the areas of advancement, enrollment and leadership development.

“Dr. Hardee made many notable contributions to Sherman College during his presidency,” Gelardi says. “We are so pleased that he has decided to accept the role of chancellor, and we look forward to his continued involvement with the college.”