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  Sherman Offers Free Class Audits to Alums, Katrina Victims

Did you know that Sherman graduates who need certification of postgraduate classroom attendance to attain licensure can audit classes at the college for free?

Now the college is extending this benefit to any chiropractors affected by Hurricane Katrina who may be considering practicing in new areas and therefore need to sit for additional parts of the National Boards and/or new state licensure exams.

The college’s Tuition Payment Policy 3020(B) states that “Sherman graduates needing certification of post graduate classroom attendance to obtain licensure previously denied will be allowed to audit classes at no cost. Students must adhere to attendance policies but will not be required to take examinations.”

Individuals wishing to take advantage of this college policy must have a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Alumni of other institutions, or Sherman alumni with alternative situations are generally charged 50 percent of the current tuition rate, but the college is waiving this fee for those chiropractors in areas affected by the recent hurricane.

Once the desired or necessary courses are completed, Sherman will provide the individual(s) with a letter certifying completion of a specific number of in class hours.

To learn more about this policy, please contact Sherman Registrar Julie Clayton at 800-849-8771, ext. 257, or e-mail