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Forget the calendar! The end of the year is rapidly approaching and Chiropractic Economics is already planning Issue 1 of 2006, its annual marketing issue. ChiroEco readers look forward to its annual “marketing tips” article, and this is an opportunity for you to share an easily implemented marketing or promotion tip with practicing chiropractors and get your name in front of readers.

If you have more than one tip, send them all! The magazine periodically runs Quick Tips in other issues. Can't think of a tip? Think about a mistake you have seen practitioners make in promoting their practices. What would you advise them to do to correct the mistake or avoid making it? That's a tip!

Complete the following information and send your tip via e-mail to Linda Segall ( by Friday, October 15.

Be sure to include the following:

1. Your name and title
2. Your company’s name and Web site
3. Your contact information (phone and e-mail)
4. Your advertising, promotion, or marketing tip

You can reach Linda Segall at 904-285-6020, ext. 207, or e-mail