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 Photo Feature 
 Halloween @ Sherman
Judges for the contest included Sherman artist-in-residence Helen McPike Brown and representatives from the local The Haven Apartments,
Abbie Beauvais and Lee Bernard.
Steve Gresh takes first place in the individual student category as Super Mario from the popular Nintendo game
Andy Morgan as Burger King
Mary Bennett as a student at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Darryl Curry as Death
Mikk Behr as a pirate
Students dressed as various Elvises or “The Flying Es” (from left Andy Marrone, Tom Cranmer, Colleen Compel, Amy Nedrow, Drew Anderson, Jennifer Trimpi, Amy Ingersoll and Natasha Jaskiewicz)
win first place in the student group category
Flying E members Andy Marrone, Natasha Jaskiewicz and Amy Nedrow dance to the Jailhouse Rock.
Associate Professor Bill Fehl as a student in palpation class
Registrar and Financial Aid Office members Gail Pittman, Mattie Bendall, Kathy Wilson and Julie Clayton as witches
Pittman casts a spell on the crowd
Alumni and Advancement Office members Marggi Roldan, Anje Hawkins and Barry Nickelsberg recreate Sesame Street characters Oscar the Grouch, Ernie and Bert
The Admission and Public Relations Office members (top row) Lanette Dinkins, Alison Kimball, Karen Rhodes, and (kneeling) Charlene Brown and Lisa Hildebrand take first place in the staff group category as hippies
Associate Dean of Student Affairs Deb Thomason as Mimi
from the Drew Carey Show