November 2005  
Continuing Education

With Roy Sweat, D.C., and Mercy Navis, M.S.
November 19-20, 2005
Sherman College in Spartanburg, SC More

With Peter Kevorkian, D.C., and Patti Giuliano, D.C.
February 25-26, 2006
Sherman College in Spartanburg, SC More

With Roy Sweat, D.C., and Matt Sweat, D.C.
March 4-5, 2006
Sweat Clinic in
Atlanta, Georgia More

Student Weblogs
  Read about a day in the life of a Sherman Student. Five students keep online blogs of their experiences. Read more  
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  Alumni Office Offers Blog for & about Graduates

Joining our growing list of Sherman faculty and staff webloggers is Director of Alumni Relations Marggi Roldan. She will maintain the Alumni Office weblog with photos, news and event items for and about Sherman alumni.  READ MORE

  Time Running Out: Sign up for “The Gold Standard in Chiropractic”

If you’re ready to embrace “The Gold Standard in Chiropractic,” time is running out. The Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations’ program will be held December 2-4, 2005, including exciting continuing education programs plus a lively 80th birthday bash honoring chiropractic legend Reggie Gold, D.C., Ph.C.  READ MORE

  Need a Mentor? Be a Mentor!

The Sherman College Alumni Association is expanding its mentoring services for alumni. Soon-to-be graduates, recent graduates and even those in practice who want to re-focus or re-energize their careers can be matched with a mentor by contacting program director...READ MORE

  Sherman Seeks Career Counselor for Northeast

Sherman College is actively seeking a dynamic individual to represent the college in the Northeast; visiting colleges, speaking to classes and clubs and visiting Sherman alumni and prospective students. The counselor may reside in his/her territory. READ MORE

  Love is in the Air

I was in a hallway outside the computer lab this morning filling my water glass when I heard what a student referred to as “the sweetest thing.” It’s such a touching story that I wanted to share it with you. The student told me she had just left Clinic Lab class where John Kosinski...READ MORE

  Students Answer the Call for Help

Whenever the call for help is issued, Sherman students respond. During the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, many students gave their time and energy to provide for those in need. Several students represented Sherman College when they drove to the local News Channel 7 (WSPA) headquarters during a telethon for hurricane victims. READ MORE

  The Evolution of Progressive Classroom Presentations

One instructor’s use of the digital camera has recently completely altered his classroom presentations. As “old school” teachers discover the wonders of technology, students learn faster and struggle less to grasp classroom material. READ MORE

  Halloween @ Sherman

Sherman College students, faculty and staff celebrate Halloween 2005! VIEW PHOTOS