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 Giving Thanks at Sherman
by Director of Student Affairs Stacy Flowers


Thanksgiving is a special time of year when we take time to be thankful for all we are blessed to receive. On November 16, 2005, I was once again blessed with the opportunity to work with an outstanding group of individuals in order to provide a college-wide Thanksgiving Feast.

To begin, I must thank Associate Dean of Student Affairs Deb Thomason and the SPINE (Students Planning Interesting and Notable Events) Team for working diligently to prepare to feed approximately 350 members of the student body and another 100 or so members of the faculty and staff. Members of the SPINE Team include, Dee Dee Brown, Daryl Curry, Drew Larkins, Lakeia Manor, Kennetra Sanders and Shamva Wright.

We also had assistance from various students who transported the food from Wade’s Restaurant in downtown Spartanburg. Those students were Tony Amato, Ben Avritt, Robert Benyard and Katie Supik. The food convoy was amazing!

Of course, members of Chiropractic Student Government were also on hand to assist in serving the meal. CSG members involved were Nathan Blanton, Roy Burch, Colleen Compel, Craig Dobek, Tawana Gayle, John Guarnieri, Dan Hall, Tilman Johnson, Scott Moore, Jackie Nygren, Robin Pace, Jake Parrish, Lauren Scott, Darby Simmons, Brandi Smith, Hannah Sorota, Susan Aydin White and Brandon Williamson.

We also had a great deal of assistance from members of the staff: Jan Batzer, Tina Casey, Lanette Dinkins, Sherry Eubanks, Richard Foster, Lisa Hildebrand, Page Hilliard, Jay Jackson, Vernon Kirkland, Jared Lopez, John Marro, Robert McJimpsey, Abbie Molnar (more affectionately known as Abbie in the Café), Linda Price, Karen Rhodes and James Shippey.

We also had some additional assistance from students Kristen and Dan Denette, who were extremely helpful not only during the event but during planning and setup as well.

Of course, I must apologize if I failed to name anyone who assisted. As you can see, we had a great deal of participation from our student body and staff. The people associated with Sherman are outstanding! Yes, I am truly thankful for those who have touched my life at Sherman.

Dessert from the popular local restaurant Wade's


Members of the SPINE Team and CSG are ready to serve


Lunch is served


Students Monica Burton, Tonie Curry and Arvella Wortham
enjoy their lunch.