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  New Teaching Methodology Courses Are Strengthening the Academic Program

Sherman College took another step towards enhancing the quality of its academic program by establishing on campus professional development courses in the area of teaching methodology. The program was developed by the University of South Carolina Upstate (USC-Upstate) for Sherman College faculty to strengthen their teaching skills.

Sherman College Chancellor Jerry L. Hardee, Ed.D., and Dr. Charles Love, dean of the School of Education at USC-Upstate, finalized an agreement on December 7 of last year to offer the program.

The series, entitled “Professional Development in Teaching Methodology,” is a year-long course of study. The program encompasses three classes, Introduction to Principles of Learning, Instructional Design and Instructional Methodology.

The Professional Development in Teaching Methodology certificate program is one facet of a developing Sherman College initiative, the Leadership Institute. Hardee has been spearheading the development of various Leadership Institute programs at Sherman College. This multifaceted program has elements to aid the professional growth of faculty, students, alumni and field practitioners.

Sherman faculty attend teaching methodology class.

Members of the inaugural class which started in January are very enthusiastic about this venture and are already looking forward to implementing these new principles into their own courses at Sherman College, says Bob Irwin, D.C., dean of clinical sciences.

Mercy Navis, assistant professor of basic sciences says, ”I am always looking to improve my teaching methods and keep up on the latest technology. I also look forward to the interaction that I will have with other professors and to discussing their views and ideas.”

Another member of the faculty attending the class is Myron Brown, D.C., professor of clinical sciences and executive vice president/provost, who said, “Sherman has a great faculty composed of persons who represent the very best in their respective fields of endeavor. I believe that a sign of a great teacher is his or her recognition that there is always room for improvement and the knowledge that being an expert in clinical or basic sciences does not necessarily mean that one has everything it takes to be a great teacher. Adding to our expertise as educators through these classes is one of the ways that these members of the faculty of Sherman College are expressing their strength of commitment to the mission of the college.”

"Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic is focused on excellence in a number of important ways, all of which are personified in the college model of The Sherman Chiropractor," says Irwin. This model represents the outcome or product of all efforts the institution is intended to produce. Several elements make up the model, which is centered on vertebral subluxation. Deeply embedded throughout this paradigm is a commitment to leadership in straight chiropractic education.

According to Irwin, "A major step forward in assuring that these aspirations continue to be realized is now taking place through the relationship Sherman College has with the University of South Carolina Upstate.”