Sherman Shares is a monthly publication
of Sherman College.

  Spring Visit Day a Success
by Director of Admission Lisa Hildebrand, M.A.


Lisa Hildebrand, Director of Admission

Fourteen prospective students and guests visited Sherman College on Friday, March 3, 2006, for Spring Visit Day hosted by the Enrollment Services Office. The students joined us on a beautiful spring day to tour the campus and learn more about chiropractic as a career.

After a wonderful, inspirational talk by Executive Vice President / Provost Myron Brown, D.C., the prospective students and guests toured the campus, attended individual faculty workshops on chiropractic technique, gross anatomy, admission and financial aid requirements. They even had a chance to participate in a Spinal Screening Workshop and attend health talks with our student interns.

It is our hope that all of these students will choose Sherman College for their chiropractic education, and judging from the enthusiasm as they were leaving campus, I suspect they just might! We would like to thank all of the faculty, staff, students and Sherman College supporters who helped us make it a memorable day for our prospective students and their guests.