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  “Collage, Found Art and You” – A New Lyceum Experience
by Director of Continuing Education Rebecca Clusserath

Rebecca Clusserath, Director of
Continuing Education

This Lyceum, Sherman artist-in-residence Helen McPike Brown, D.C.H., will share her special art of imaginative pieces made from ordinary things. Audiences from several states have given this presentation rave reviews over a span of many years.

Helen says, “Collecting stuff, many of which are discarded throw-aways, plus thousands of bits and pieces to become useful and beautiful originals, has been a life of great experiences.”

Her program of “Collage, Found Art and You” will be held in the Bahan Library on Saturday, May 27, at 1:30 p.m. This is a very special “extra” at this year’s Lyceum for men and women alike, guaranteed to inspire you – it’s a true “show and tell” with a revelation of what and how! Helen will have more than 50 completed art works, including lots of new pieces created during the Browns’ last five years on the Sherman College campus and never before shown.

Bring your note pads, your cameras and especially your tuned-in innates to enjoy an event you’ll never forget. Sherman College is fortunate to have Helen and Gordon Brown, D.C., here and for Helen to share her treasures with us all.

Helen’s program and so much more is being offered during Lyceum 2006. Be sure to log on to for all Lyceum details and to register.