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  Lyceum Field Day

The Sherman SPINE (Students Planning Interesting and Notable Events) Team put together a day of fun, competition and pizza on Thursday, May 18, to gear up for this year’s Lyceum. Quarters battled in jousting, boxing, basketball, volleyball and dodgeball. The winners are as follows:

• Jousting: Katrice Campbell from 4th quarter and David
  Wortham from 8th quarter
• Boxing: Nina Kennedy from 6th quarter
• Basketball: 3rd quarter team
• Obstacle Course: Kevin Phalen from 6th quarter and
  Devan Young from 3rd quarter
• Volleyball: 3rd quarter team
• Dodgeball: 3rd quarter team

The third-quarter team was the overall event winner. Team members included Irene Davis, Demetrius Farrington, John Guarnieri, Chris Jettie, Scott Jettie, Matthew Lewis, Jeff Matz, Myesha McCaskill, Jake Parrish, Phil Traylor, Greg Walsh, Tia Wilson and Devan Young.

SPINE Team members include Shamva Wright (chair), Dee Dee Brown, Daryl Curry, Drew Larkins, LaKeia Manor and Darby Simmons.

Who would have thought boxing could be so much fun?


Terrance Waller and Brandy Chapman battle at basketball


Sherman administrators, faculty and staff are ready to serve.


Tia Wilson makes a serve as Jeff Matz gets ready


Those who didn’t play enjoyed the show


Students enjoy the volleyball competition


Student and blogger Jaime Browning dives for the ball


A late blooming Dogwood tree on campus


Dr. Bob IOrwin and Dr. Bill Fell at Field Day 2006
Sherman faculty members Bob Irwin and Bill Fehl
chat over pizza


Students Toggle Shepard and Frank Yanik battle in the joust


David Wortham is victorious


SPINE team leader Shamva Wright makes sure events are going as planned