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  Mercy Navis: An American Citizen

Mercy Navis, M.A.
 U.S. Citizen

The Sherman community congratulates Assistant Professor of Basic Sciences Mercy Navis, M.A., on becoming a United States citizen. The 10-year process culminated when she completed her test, interview and oath ceremony in Atlanta, GA, on May 30, 2006. She received her “Certificate of Citizenship” that same day.

A native of India, Navis holds an M.A. from Madras Medical College (1973) in India. She has been with Sherman College since 1997 and teaches Anatomy III, Special Senses III, Anatomy Lab I, II, and III and Dry Lab Anatomy II and III.

“I am very proud to be an American citizen,” Navis says. “I am the first American citizen in my entire family, and I am very excited about it. It is a great feeling. Of course, it took 10 years of struggle, but it is definitely worth it.”

Navis came to the United States in July 1996. She filed for her green card process in August 1997 and received approval for permanent resident status in November 2000. In order to file for citizenship, she was required to be a permanent resident and live within U.S. for five years. After completing her five years of residency in November 2005, she filed for the citizenship process in December.

Please join us in congratulating Navis on attaining her U.S. citizenship.