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  August Success Colloquium Features May, Hardee and O’Connor


Sherman’s Leadership and Practice Management Institute (LPMI) presents its next monthly Success Colloquium on Thursday, August 17, featuring sessions on leadership, personal development and practice management with Geriel Thornburg May, M.A., Jerry L. Hardee, Ed.D., and Lawrence O’Connor, D.C. The program is held from 6-9 p.m. on campus. Cost is $35 for D.C.s and $10 for faculty/staff/students and includes dinner.

Geriel Thornburg May, M.A., will present “Leadership through Strategic Planning.” May is a management consultant with more than ten years of cross-industry experience in human performance consulting in the areas of communication, training, change management, performance management, business process design, technical writing and project management. She will help you harness the power of the strategic plan — the essential business tool to maximize your leadership vision.

Sherman’s third president and former chancellor Jerry Hardee, Ed.D., will present “Where There is a Will There is a Way.” Hardee holds a doctorate in education and a certificate of advanced study in educational administration. His session will focus on success basics and strategies for personal growth and development. Learn how to win when failure is not an option.

Sherman alumnus Lawrence O’Connor, D.C., will present, “All are Called, Few Choose to be Chosen.” O’Connor is currently serving his sixth year as president of the New Jersey Board of Chiropractic and was recently reappointed to serve an additional three-year term. He will share his experiences to inspire you to become a leader in the profession and in your community.

The Success Colloquium is designed to engage regional chiropractors in perfecting the knowledge and skills of practice management. Through these personal development monthly meetings, participants will advance their leadership and practice management abilities. These sessions are specifically designed to give participants great effectiveness in growing and maintaining successful practices.

More information on LPMI and the Success Colloquia, including a downloadable brochure and registration information, can be found online at For further details, please contact LPMI Director Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C., at 800-849-8771, ext. 285, or e-mail