Sherman Shares is a monthly publication
of Sherman College.

  Commitment to Research

As evidenced by part of its mission, Sherman College has a strong commitment to research and scholarly activity. Below is a list of faculty and staff members who have contributed to the college’s recent research and scholarly activity. (Compiled by Assistant Director of Research John Hart, D.C.)

• Susan Boger, Ph.D. Contributing author of NBCE book
• Charlene Brown Scholarly activity regarding campus recreation
• Myron Brown, D.C. Peer reviewer for RAC 2006
• Sheldon Clayton, Ph.D. Cadaver study on joint measurements
• Mike Clusserath, D.C. Submitted a paper
• Bill Decken, D.C., LCP Study in progress on athletes
• Rochelle Delain, D.C. Philosophy paper for IRAPS
• Joe Donofrio, D.C. NBCE contributor
• Bill Fehl, D.C. Leg check study
• Cindy Gibbon, D.C. Helping to write paper
Temporal artery thermometer study
• Bob Irwin, D.C. Reviewer, Orthospinology text by Eriksen and Rochester
NBCE contributor
• Stephanie Johnson, D.C. Leg check study
• Pat Kuhta, D.C. Writing paper and planning another study
• Maria Michelin, D.C. NBCE contributor
• Mercy Navis, M.A. Cadaver study on joint measurements
• Susan Newlin Co-author of a poster presented at RAC conference
•  Laura Greene-Orndorff, D.C. Leg check study in progress in the Health Center
• John Porter, D.C. Video of a toggle recoil adjustment
• John Reizer, D.C. Author of another book to be published in 2006
• Perry Rush, D.C. Paper in progress
• Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C. Research idea
Writing abstract for IRAPS
Emcee for Success Colloquium
Peer reviewer for IRAPS (not RAC)
• Mitzi Schwartzbauer, D.C.  Research idea and leg check study
• Claudia Seay, D.C. Temporal artery thermometer study
• Emily Weeks Blog on the benefits of the Learning Resource Center
• Laura Weeks, D.C. Peer reviewer for RAC 2006
• Arlene Welch, D.C. Effect of adjustments on the ANS
• Leslie Wise, D.C. NBCE contributor
Podcast for blogs
Working on two ethics presentations