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  Sherman Welcomes 38 in Summer Class
by Director of Admission Lisa Hildebrand

Director of Admission
Lisa Hildebrand

On July 10, Sherman College welcomed the summer 2006 class during new student orientation. Students were first greeted by LaShanda Hutto, our new dean of student affairs and then introduced to Thom Gelardi, D.C., interim president and founder of Sherman College, who congratulated them on their success in acceptance into the doctor of chiropractic program.

Executive Vice President and Provost Myron Brown, D.C., also spent a few minutes addressing the students and reminded them that they would be seeing him all quarter as their philosophy instructor!

We made quite a few changes to the Orientation Program for this summer class, including inviting spouses and family members to join the students on their first day, adding a philosophy orientation and spinal screening presentation, plus a welcome cook-out hosted by staff members at the college.

The class of 38 new students represents 11 states and two foreign countries. We had four students enroll from India and one from Singapore!

We look forward to watching these new students and working with them as they progress through the chiropractic curriculum, and in three and a half years, graduating them as doctors of chiropractic and leaders in bringing straight chiropractic to the world!

Summer class 2006

Summer 2006 Class